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Outcomes Assessments

Program Profile Template

[Program Title]

[Date Revised]



Program/Department Mission Statement

[Paste program/department mission here]

[Target: 150 words]


[Describe types of students served by the program here]

[Target: 75 words]

Program Objectives (PO)

[Program Objectives describe the role that the program plays in the university]

[Paste Program Objectives here]

[Target: less than 5 objectives]

Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

[Student Learning Objectives are statements of what the students will learn in the program]

[Paste Student Learning Objectives here]

[Target: less than 5 objectives]

Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Direct Assessment

Student Learning Objective

Direct Measure (Performance Assessment w/ rubric, Internship w/ rubric, and/or Competency Test)

Relevant Course

Determination of competency

Cycle of data collection

[Paste from above]

[Indicate which of above types]

[Indicate the course or capstone in which the measurement occurs]

[How do you know the student has achieved the SLO?]

[How often does the program collect assessment information?]


Student Learning Objectives Measurement Method

[Indicate the method in which students are assessed]

[What is the sample size?]

[What statistics are used to evaluate student performance?]

[Target: 300 words]

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO)

Through coursework, learning experiences, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, students will develop and demonstrate:

1. Knowledge, skills, and scholarship appropriate to general and major field areas of study.

2. Effective written and oral communication skills and information literacy using an array of media and modalities.

3. Practical, critical, analytical, and quantitative reasoning skills.

4. Actions reflecting ethical reasoning, civic responsibility, environmental stewardship, and respect for diversity.

5. Interpersonal skills and knowledge of self as a learner that contribute to effective team work, mentoring, and life-long learning.

Alignment between Program Student Learning Objectives (SLO) and Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO)

Program Student Learning Objectives

Alignment with Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

[Paste from SLOs above]

[Indicate the # that the program SLO aligns with # of the ISLO]


Closing the Loop: Analysis of Student Learning Objective Data

[Articulate how the program was or will be altered due to the information derived from direct assessment]

[Target: 300 words]



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