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Institutional Review Board

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Mission and Introduction

The Mission of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research is three-fold. 

First, to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects through project review.

Second, to foster compliance with institutional policy and federal regulations by facilitating institutional personnel’s efforts in utilizing living human subjects for research, education and other scholarly pursuits that are systematically designed and endeavoring to contribute to knowledge in the respective field.

Third, to provide education to institutional personnel on the ethical use of human subjects.

Helping researchers and instructors to be stewards of the trust of our human subjects is of paramount concern.

  • Human Subject Ethics Training: Please consider taking the National Institutes of Health online research ethics course (NIH). This is a free, comprehensive ethics training program for researchers conducting research with human subjects.
  • IRB Policies, Regulations, and Rules: This document provides an introduction to help you navigate the IRB review process. Read this before you create an IRB submission.
  • Wilkes University IRB Application: This online application is required for an IRB submission.
  • Meetings and Deadlines: The IRB meets on a monthly basis. The deadline for receipt of IRB submissions is two week prior to the meeting.
    • Meetings for the Academic Year 2017-2018:
      • September 21
      • October 19
      • November 16
      • December 21
      • January 18
      • February 15
      • March 15
      • April 19
      • May 17

IRB Co-Chairs:

Dr. Deborah R. Tindell
Email: irb@wilkes.edu
Phone: (570) 408-4565

Dr. Jin Joy Mao
Email: irb@wilkes.edu
Phone: (570) 408-7387

IRB University Official: 
Dr. Anne A. Skleder
Senior Vice President/Provost
Phone: (570) 408-4000

IRB Members:

  • Morgan Clevenger
  • Kurt Eisele
  • Kathleen Hirthler
  • Ka Lok Hong
  • Karim Letwinsky
  • Blake Mackesy
  • Mary Jane Miskovsky
  • Dominick Trombetta
  • Christopher Zarpentine

Contact Wilkes IRB at irb@wilkes.edu


Meetings and Deadlines:

Committee meetings are held monthly. When needed, one summer meeting maybe scheduled. Protocols must be submitted two weeks prior to a meeting date to be considered for review.

Mailing Address: Provost Office, Wilkes University, 84 W. South St. Wilkes Barre, PA 18766.