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Global Cultures: History, Languages & Philosophy

Wilkes University professor in Global Cultures: History, Languages & Philosophy
Professor John Hepp

Welcome to the Division of Global Cultures: History, Languages & Philosophy.

Although combining history and languages is new at Wilkes, this structure reflects our long commitment to studying globalization in both its historic and current contexts.

Our exciting new division offers majors and minors in Spanish and history and courses in U.S., European and world history, as well Spanish and French language and culture. We also offer annual study abroad options that range from weeklong study tours to semesters and summers abroad. Our Spanish and history clubs offer the chance to mingle with students sharing similar interests, and the history honor society recognizes achievement in that major.

Both history and Spanish majors can earn Pennsylvania secondary teacher certification. Our programs offer students the chance to do conventional classroom work and internships and to see the world while learning.

What we do now is just the start of a new outlook on globalization at Wilkes. Join us!