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Sordoni Art Gallery

Welcome to the Sordoni Art Gallery 

The Sordoni Art Gallery has featured a wide range of art since its opening in 1973. It fulfills an important role to campus, offering rich and diverse programming and becoming the alternative to the traditional classroom.

All Sordoni exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.

The Angela
Lydia Panas. Tia Angela; chromogenic print; 2012-2013.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Lydia Panas: After Sargent

January 20 – March 3, 2017

Artist Lecture: Thursday, February 2, 4 - 5pm, Kirby Salon
Gallery Reception
: Thursday, February 2, 5 - 7pm, Sordoni Gallery

Award-winning photographer Lydia Panas explores vulnerability, tension and emotion within the classic but non-traditional portrait. Panas captures a revealing and compelling honesty through body language, facial expression and the model's relationship with space.

The exhibition, After Sargent, is inspired by the painting, "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit" by John Singer Sargent.  The painting of four pre-adolescent girls in a foyer was originally panned by art critics in its time, but has since provoked more conversation around Freudian analysis and the implications of  adolescence.  The work inspired Panas to ask her models three questions: What do you long for?  What do you regret?  What are you afraid of?  

Panas has been featured in publications such as Time Magazine, Popular Photography and the New York Times Magazine and was a Whitney Museum Independent Study Fellow. Her first monograph, The Mark of Abel, was published in 2012 and her second, Falling from Grace, was published last year.

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Anna (Red Fabric)
Lydia Panas, Detail from Ana(Red Fabric), chromogenic print, 2012-2013.