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Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System

Wilkes Emergency Notification System

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As part of Wilkes University's emergency preparedness planning, University students, faculty and staff can receive emergency text and email message alerts in addition to traditional methods of notification. The University employs text and email messaging as another technological solution for communicating swiftly and effectively with our campus community in the event of an extreme emergency on campus.

This system will be used only for emergency communication and not for general information or advertisements. While there is no charge to register a phone, your service provider may charge you a nominal fee for the airtime used for receiving these messages. Possible uses for this system will include closures and delays, community crime notifications, weather emergencies and power outages.

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All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for this messaging service, called "Wilkes Alert". Users who elect this option and provide contact information may be assured that all of the information provided is private.

You are not automatically added to the alert system and must register to receive messages. Participants need to update cell numbers and email addresses manually if their contact information changes. This is an opt-in service that requires occasional renewal. At the end of two years you will be sent a message requesting an extension of your enrollment. If you do not respond within 30 days you will be dropped from the alerts system.

To register for an account, make sure your cell phone is with you and is turned on, then complete the registration form below.  (Selecting the optional MESA or POCONO sites will provide you will additional messages specific to those locations.)  When you click SUBMIT, a text message will be sent to your cell phone with a validation code.  Enter the validation code in the space provided to validate your cell phone number. Please note that depending on your wireless service agreement, a nominal charge may be incurred for receiving text messages.Emergency Notification

Once your phone is registered and validated, a message will appear letting you know that you have successfully signed up for the notifications. You will now be able to log in to your new account. Then you're done! You may now register email addresses and additional cell phone devices on your personal account.

To reset your account password, click here.

To register a cell phone, opt-out of the service, or renew your account, clicking here or scan the e2Campus Mobile Portal code below.

This system will work only if you register your phone number!