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Completed Project Details

John Pesta, Director 570-408-4553 (T) 570-408-7864 (F) Email

Life Safety Systems...

A structural analysis of all exterior fire escapes was performed, identifying needed repairs to maintain these life-safety systems.  The work consisted of welding, painting and structural improvements was completed during the summer of 2005.

In addition, digital dialers are being installed in all campus fire-detection systems.  The dialers provide automatic notification to the Public Safety Office in the event of a fire.  Installation in the residence halls is completed and the remaining academic/administration buildings will be completed in the next 30 to 45 days.

Support Operations Building on South Main Street...

Wilkes acquired the building in 2003.  The facilities staff relocated to the building after the interior renovations were completred in 2004.

The exterior of the building was renovated and the adjacent lot paved and landscaped in the fall 2005.  The completed work makes the property a very attractive addition to our new downtown.

234 South River Street...

In the fall of 2004, the building sustained substantial fire damage.  The repair costs exceeded the value of the structure and since the building was not a key element to the University's long-term facilities objectives, it was demolished in August 2005 and the area was paved.

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