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Student Employee Procedures

Controller • 570-408-4502 (T) • 570-408-7849 (F) • Email
Student Accounts/Services • 141 S. Main St. • 570-408-2000 (T) • 570-408-3000 (F) • Email

Below is the process for hiring student employees.
The student process is lower on this page.

To hire a student employee, a budget manager must follow the procedure
outlined below and have approved student employment funds in the current fiscal-year budget.

If there are approved student employment funds available for new positions
the budget manager submits a request for a student employee (who does not have an approved job description and current position number), with a job description, to Wilkes Student Services. Please click here for the Work Study Application.

If the position is approved, information that includes job description, funding type (institutional or federal), position code, and pay rate will be returned to the budget manager who must
  • check for available funding of the position in the current budget with the Controller’s Office, Budget.
  • post job availability with Wilkes Student Services or send prospective student to Wilkes Student Services to obtain a referral form.

Note that the student will be required to complete W4 and I-9 forms after being hired for a job. This should be done at the Wilkes Student Services desk in UCoM. 

The budget manager must sign and return the referral to Wilkes Student Services.

Wilkes Student Services determines a student’s work-study eligibility and inputs the student’s work-study assignment into Banner. Human Resources creates the employment record. Supervisors sign student timecards, which must be submitted to payroll according to the published pay schedule. The cards can be dropped off at the Wilkes Student Services desk in the UCoM lobby. 

If the position is not approved, the budget manager is informed of the decision and the reason.

Student Process
Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) and a Student Employment application each year.

Following the completion of all checks for student eligibility, students eligible for student employment will receive a referral form for a specific position from Wilkes Student Services.

Students take the referral form to the student employment supervisor in the office where they are applying for a position. The supervisor takes the form to the budget manager for the department, who signs off on the form, listing the position code.

When hired, students complete a W-4 and an I-9 form, with appropriate documentation, at the Wilkes Student Services desk in the UCoM lobby.
The budget manager returns the signed referral form to the Student Employment Office.


  • may work no more than 20 hours per week during periods of classes or exams.
  • may work no more than 35 hours in a week that has no classes or exams.
  • must take a minimum half hour (1/2) break if they work more than five consecutive hours. The break must be shown on the time card.

Supervisors submit student time cards
to the Controller's Office or drop them off at the Wilkes Student Services desk in the UCoM lobby by the last working day of the month.

Time cards must
  • include dates, time (including any break periods), and placement/office of employment.
  • be signed by the student and the supervisor or Budget Manager.
  • show position code and step.

All students who will work under a grant
should follow the same procedures as listed above as well as work with the Office of Grant Support. 

For all student employment positions
the budget manager is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the total student employment expenses do not exceed their budget.

Questions on
  • the student hiring process should be directed to Student Services at x2000.
  • the department's work study budget dollars should be directed to the Controller’s Office at x4502.

All staff hiring procedures are outlined in
the Staff Search Manual, available via the Position & Search Information page within the Human Resources Development area of our website.


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