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Frequently Asked Questions about the Doctor of Educational Leadership Program 
Application Process

Q:  Can I apply before I complete my master’s degree?
A:  You may apply, however, the master's degree must be "in hand" before the fall semester  begins. 

Q:  As long as I make the minimum GRE score, can I expect to be admitted?
A:  Admission is highly competitive, and every document submitted will be evaluated using standard admission criteria. Those who satisfactorly meet the admission criteria will be invited for an interview, which also involves a writing sample done on-site at that time. An invitation to the interview also does not guarantee admission. The interview and writing sample are also evaluated and count toward a final admission decision.

Q:  I already had official transcripts sent to Wilkes when applying for master’s studies. Do I have to request them again?
A:  Yes, this is a separate program from the Master of Science programs offered by the Department of Graduate Education. Transcripts must be official, unopened and sent directly from the applicant to the Wilkes Student Service Center. If you need a Wilkes transcript, you can request transcripts free of charge because it is issued “in house." Please e-mail holly.fry@wilkes.edu and we will order those for you. Indicate your name, WIN number, years of attendance, and levels: undergraduate or graduate.

Q:   The application packet requires a scholarly work or project. What should I submit?
A:  You need to determine what to send based on the criteria for this submission: an original scholarly or professional project, product, report or paper. Your selection should evidence leadership and scholarship in your field. It can be professional or academic work. Your abstract must clearly explain, in two to three paragraphs, how the contents of the submission reflects your potential for leadership in education and scholarship at the doctoral level. The submission and abstract are important components of the admission process. We cannot provide specific suggestions but encourage you to select your submission and construct your abstract very carefully. We do not encourage submission of multiple documents, portfolios or videotapes. We do not return these materials to you, so copies are encouraged, not originals.

Q:   Is there financial aid to support my doctoral studies?
A:   The Wilkes website includes a link to Graduate Financial Aid and contains information about graduate aid. In addition, there are limited openings for doctoral graduate assistants each year to support research and scholarly efforts of faculty working in the doctoral program. Doctoral graduate assistants will be eligible for tuition remission based on the hours worked (up to 20 hours of work per week on site). Applicants interested should indicate this in the appropriate area of the application for admission.  

Q: Where can I obtain admission materials and how do I apply?
A: The application and recommendation forms are available in PDF format on the Ed.D. website:http://www.wilkes.edu/pages /1774.asp. Applicants will download and provide the additional documentation required for this program as listed in the EDD Aplication process link located on our website.

Program Operations
Q:   Do I need to take time off work for my classes?
A:   Classes are offered in a hybrid format that typically meet f2f every other week to accommodate work schedules of students as much as possible. Classes are in the evening and on weekends for working students. We also take into account school district schedules.

Q:   How flexible is my schedule if I am admitted to the doctoral program?

A:   The doctoral program is prescriptive in terms of course offerings and length of time to complete the program. The timeline to complete the degree is seven years. Continuous enrollment is required during fall & spring semesters. If you go beyond the seven year time period, special permission must be obtained to extend studies beyond that timeframe and is only granted for in process research.  

 Q:   How many credits do I have to take each year?

A:   The program is planned to be completed in seven years by taking an average of 12 credits of coursework each academic year in the first four years of study, with the exception of the residency requirement which is 18 credits taken over 3 consecutive semesters. This is mandatory for students in doctoral programs. Residency does not require that students reside on campus, but does require doctoral students to engage in intense scholarship that integrates them into the academic atmosphere of the university. Most coursework will be completed in the first four years of the program, with dissertation core courses taken in years five, six, and seven, as needed. After coursework is complete, doctoral students are required to register for three billable credits of ED 699 each semester (fall and spring) to fulfill their individual dissertation research requirements under the advisement of their dissertation committee chair until the successful completion and defense of the disseration.

Q:   How will I know I am admitted to the program?
A:   Students will receive notice as to whether or not they have been invited to an interview, which is the second phase of admission after the review of the application. After the interview, students will be notified in writing as to their status for conditional admittance into the program. All accepted students are conditionally admitted until passing the doctoral qualifying examination, which is taken by application after sucessful completion of a 12 credits and before completion of 24 credits.

Q:   How will I know all the procedures and requirements of the program if I am admitted?
A:   Upon initial acceptance, students will be invited to attend an orientation session. At the session, the Doctoral Student Handbook will be distributed. The handbook contains detailed information on program requirements and procedures. At the orientation, an explanation of academic requirements, benchmark assessments and program procedures will be explained.
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