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Ed Development & Strategies Requirements

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To assist you in keeping track of the program requirements, you can download an Educational Development & Strategies Checklist. The checklist is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. If you don't have the reader you can download a free one from the company's website.

Requirements | 30 Credits
AREA I: FOUNDATIONS OF ED | 6 credits required 


  • ED 519 Issues, Law, and Trends in Education

And one of the following:

  • ED 510 Psychological Foundations
  • ED 511 Philosophical Foundations
  • ED 512 Social Foundations
  • ED 513 Comparative Foundations
  • ED 515 Cognition
  • ED 569 Teaching Diverse Learners Using Inclusive Classroom Practices

  | 9 credits required

  • ED 520 Using Assessment to Guide Instruction
  • ED 522 Curriculum and Instruction
    • Note: Only elementary teachers may substitute ED 532 Problems in Elementary Education for School Curriculum.
  • ED 585 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (previously titled Micro-Computer Assisted Instruction)

| 12 credits required
For PLS 3rd Learning courses only call the PLS 3rd Learning office directly @ 1-866-757-2527 to register. Only 12 PLS 3rd Learning credits total can be applied to the Wilkes EDS degree. Be sure to register for PLS 3rd Learning courses offered for Wilkes University credit (indicated by a "W" on the PLS brochures). Students needing *ED 5400 SAS for Pennsylvania Educators to meet Level II requirements can use this course for one of their PLS 3rd Learning requirements.

Choose any 4 of the following:

  • ED 541 Designing Motivation for All Learners
  • ED 542 Meaningful Activities to Generate Interesting Classrooms
  • ED 543 Achieving Student Outcomes Through Cooperative Learning
  • ED 548 Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences
  • ED 552 Teaching Through Learning Channels
  • ED 553 Brain-Based Ways We Think and Learn
  • ED 554 Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility
  • ED 555 Classroom Management: Orchestrating a Community of Learners
  • ED 557 Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom
  • ED 5401 Collaborative Inquiry for Students: Preparing Minds for the Future
  • ED 5402 Cultural Competence: A Transformative Journey
  • ED 558 Geometry for Middle School Educators
  • ED 5400 SAS for Pennsylvania Educators
  • ED 558 Strategies for Middle School Science Teachers
  • ED 5403 Student Engagement and Standards-Based Learning
  • ED 558 Teaching Algebra to Middle School Students
  • ED 558 Teaching the English Language Learner
  • ED 559 Behavioral, Academic, and Social Interventions for the Classroom
  • ED 560 Building Communication and Teamwork in the Classroom
  • ED 561 Reading Across the Curriculum

**Note: PLS 3rd Learning courses completed for credit from another college or university must be approved for transfer to Wilkes in order to be used toward our EDS master's degree (a maximum of 6 credits total).

For more information on this requirement,
click here to view FAQ #17

Open Education Elective
| 3 Required
You cannot use additional PLS 3rd Learning courses beyond the 12 credits required for the major as elective courses for the Wilkes MS in Educational Development & Strategies degree program. Students can complete any Wilkes graduate ED course (other than PLS 3rd Learning) to fulfill the elective credit requirement or transfer approved courses from another graduate college or university.

Note: A maximum of 6 credits total can be transferred to Wilkes. Transfer credits cannot be more than six years old and an official transcript must be on file at Wilkes before they can be posted to your Wilkes transcript.


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