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Business Plan



When writing a business plan, make sure that each section is written in paragraph form. You will have a well-written and strong business plan by providing complete and detailed information in each section.

A business plan can be an important step towards business success. Statistics indicate that businesses that plan ahead are often more successful than those that do not. In addition, if financing is required to start the business, then a business plan is required.

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Existing businesses may find that they are in need of constructing a plan to secure financing for working capital or expansion needs, to determine goals and plan the steps to reach them, or to draw our marketing strategies for their businesses.

A complete business plan encompasses several areas of information including the location of your business and why the location was chosen, a description of your products and services, the owner’s experience, your potential market area, market data, marketing plans and financial projections. The SBDC is here to assist you in developing your plan by helping you gather the necessary information and reviewing your plan to offer constructive feedback.

Contents of the Business Plan

  • I. Title Page
  • II. Description & History of the Business/Introduction.
    • a. Product/Service
    • b. Location
    • c. Competition
    • d. Marketing Plan
    • e. Ownership
    • f. Management & Personnel
  • III. Financial Projections
    • a. Historical Financial Data
    • b. Project Financial Statement
    • c. Income Statement
    • d. Cash Flow
    • e. Balance Sheet
    • f. Loan Proposal
    • g. Supporting Financial Data
  • IV. Appendix (if necessary)


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