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Elizabeth Bowen: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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Elizabeth Bowen: A Comprehensive Bibliography
Compiled by: Dr. Marcia Farrell, Associate Professor of English
Last Updated: August 3rd, 2012

Anglo-Irish writer Elizabeth Bowen (1899 – 1973) enjoyed a lengthy and prolific career throughout most of the twentieth century.   Known primarily for her gothic short stories and seemingly sentimental novels, Bowen often explored the plight of women within a rapidly changing world, leaving readers with memorable characters, such as Lois Farquar in The Last September.  Entertaining and conversing with a number of the most well-known writers of her day, including Virginia Woolf, Sean O’Faolain, and E. M. Forster, Bowen wrote within the heart of a changing literary scene—one from Edwardian sensibilities to modernist experimentalism and postmodern playfulness.   A prolific writer of novels, short stories, plays, articles, and criticism, Bowen’s work offers a unique glimpse into the increasing globalization of western life in the early twentieth century while simultaneously challenging our understanding of women’s literature.  

Since Bowen’s entry on the literary scene, interest in her work has taken on a variety of forms as critics examine evidence of Anglo-Irish identity, gothic tendencies, comments about empire, suggestions of lesbianism, and sentimentalism within her work.   While the 1981 bibliography by J’Nan Sellery and William Harris was an essential tool for Bowen scholars over the past three decades, the increasing number of texts by and about Bowen that being published requires the addition of a new bibliography that will be annually updated.

Modern Fiction Studies, 53:2 announced the creation of a digitized, comprehensive bibliography pertaining to Elizabeth Bowen, her works, and Bowen scholarship.  What follows is a comprehensive bibliography built on the shoulders of the 1981 Elizabeth Bowen: A Bibliography, compiled by J'Nan Sellery and William O. Harris, and the Modern Fiction Studies selected bibliography.  The original bibliography was digitized in the Summer of 2008.  

Since what follows is a comprehensive bibliography, suggestions for additions will be accepted by email: marcia.farrell@wilkes.edu.

I. Elizabeth Bowen's Writing
     a. Novels and Plays
     b. Short Stories and Short Story Collections
     c. Critical and Biographical Books
     d. Book Contributions
     e. Periodical Contributions
      f. Periodical Columns
     g. Translations
     h. Bowen Collection at the Henry Ransom Research Center
     i. Theatre and Film Productions and Adaptations
     j. Bowen Professional Appearances
II. Scholarship on Bowen's Life and Career
     a. Biographical Studies
     b. Obituaries
III. Scholarship on Bowen's Writing
     a. Books
     b. Books Partially About Bowen
     c. Essay Collections
     d. Journal and Periodical Articles
     e. Articles on Individual Works
           1. About Afterthought: Pieces About Writing
           2. About Ann Lee’s and Other Stories
           3. About Anthony Trollope
           4. About Bowen’s Court
           5. About The Cat Jumps and Other Stories
           6. About Collected Impressions
           7. About A Day in the Dark and Other Stories
           8. About The Death of the Heart
           9. About The Demon Lover and Other Stories
          10. About Early Stories [Encounters and Ann Lee’s]
          11. About Encounters
          12. About English Novelists
          13. About Eva Trout
          14. About Friends and Relations
          15. About The Good Tiger
          16. About The Heat of the Day
          17. About The Hotel
          18. About The House in Paris
          19. About Joining Charles and Other Stories
          20. About The Last September
          21. About Look at All Those Roses
          22. About Pictures and Conversations
          23. About Seven Winters
          24. About Selected Stories
          25. About The Shelbourne Hotel
          26. About Stories by Elizabeth Bowen
          27. About A Time in Rome
          28. About To the North
          29. About A World of Love
     f. Bibliographies
     g. Television and Programs
     j. Web Sites
     k. Reference
     l. Manuscripts, Dissertations, and Theses
     m. Manuscripts, Dissertations, and Theses Partially About Bowen



I have attempted to include the most comprehensive bibliography on Bowen possible. I thank those who will email me in advance for their participation in generating resources for Bowen scholars.

The following people have been invaluable resources since the beginning of the bibliography project that began with Modern Fiction Studies. I extend my deepest gratitude to those who have directly and indirectly helped me in the compilation of this bibliography: Susan Osborn, who initially solicited my work in compiling the Selected Bibliography; Sean Latham, University of Tulsa, for his continued mentorship; the staff of Farley Library at Wilkes University; the staff of the University of Tulsa's McFarlin Library and Special Collections; the Henry Ransom Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin; J'Nan Sellery and William O. Harris for their 1981 comprehensive bibliography on Bowen; Gillian Ray-Barruel, University of Queensland; Karen Schaller, University of Sussex; Larry Kuhar, Wilkes University, for his tireless support, guidance, and example of a true professional; Mischelle Anthony, Kathie Kemmerer, Maria Hebert-Leiter, Chad Stanley, and Janet Starner, all from Wilkes University, for their peer reviewing suggestions and assistance; the IT team at Wilkes University, particularly Craig Thomas; and the editorial staff of Modern Fiction Studies for their assistance with the Selected Bibliography.


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