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Theatre and Film Productions and Adaptations

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Theater, Film, and Audiobook Productions and Adaptations

  • Allan, Anne and Julian Amyes.  The Death of the Heart.  BBC Home Service, 9 Sept.  1957.

  • Allen, Mary Hope.  Between Two Worlds:  Saturday Night Theatre:  The Heat of the Day.  BBC Home Service, 1955.

  • “The Cat Jumps.” BBC Latin American Service.  April 1965.  15 mins.

  • Harris, Rosemary.  Elizabeth Bowen.  Well-Spoken Companions Series.  Audio Partners Publishing Corp., 1996.

  • The House in Paris.  NBC, 1950.

  • Jones, Mary.  “Pink May.” BBC Overseas Service.  July 1953.

  • Kearkey, Mrs.  Anthony, dir.  The Inherited Clock.  Perf.  Crutchley, Mary Merrall, Fabia Drake, Paul Eddinton, and Ronald Leigh Hunt.  BBC Television, 1960.

  • Langham, James, dir.  “Henrietta Post.” BBC Home Service.  14 Sept.  1945.

  • London Revisited: As Seen by Fanny Burney.””  BBC Home Service 14 Nov. 1942.

  • Markham, Brenda.  Woman's Hour:  The House in Paris.  BBC Light Programme, 20 Nov.– 10 Dec.  1951.

  • Morahan, Christopher and Harold Pinter.  The Heat of the DayAnchor Bay, 1997.

  • Pinter, Harold.  The Heat of the Day Adapted from the Novel by Elizabeth BowenLondon:  Faber, 1989.

  • Shaw, Fiona.  The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen.  Chivers Audio Books, 1999.

  • Smith, R.  D., producer.  A Year I Remember—1918.  BBC Third Programme, 11 March 1949.

  • Warner, Deborah, dir.  The Last September.  Perf.  Michael Gambon, Keeley Hawes, and Maggie Smith.  Lions Gate, 2000.

  • Wells, Peggy.  Look at All Those Roses.  BBC Home Service, 5 May 1948.

  • Wilhelm, Jeffrey D. et al.  Glencoe Literature: British LiteraturePrinceton:  Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, 2008.
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