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Program Information

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The Accelerated BBA (ABBA) Program

The Accelerated BBA program has been formulated especially for working adults—to take advantage of their career experience, to teach real-world business skills that have immediate application, and to expand their career opportunities. The twelve courses in the core sequence ground students in the fundamentals of business practice that are critical to a managerial perspective on the enterprise. The Sidhu School’s signature Personal & Professional Development (PPD) program has been customized to help mature adults already embarked on a career to round out their life skills and realize their full professional potential.

Key Points
The program's schedule was designed specifically with adult learners in mind:

  • Courses are taken one at a time for a 7-to-8 week term: no other courses to distract you.
  • Courses meet once a week from 6 until 10 PM: the same day, every week, every course, throughout the program...  (For example: Cohort 1, starting in September, will have all physical class meetings occurring on Wednesday nights, throughout the entire program.)
  • In addition to the material covered in class meetings, instructors will provide an additional, equivalent-sized body of material for you on the course web site, which you can cover at your own pace, and at times that fit into your schedule.
  • Instructors will offer both conventional and "virtual" office hours, making themselves available for face-to-face discussions over the web or in their office (of course, you can always blank your webcam if you feel like talking to them in your pajamas).


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