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Creative Services

141 S. Main St.

Are you planning to produce a university publication?
If so, this information prepared by the Marketing Communications Department is designed to help you.

We want you to be successful because accurate, appealing and consistent publications are a key to helping others understand and recognize the university, its identity, mission and programs. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions about this information.

Publications services

As a service to the university, our staff can guide your publication from concept to finished product. We offer layout, design, writing and photographic support. There is no charge to your department for these services.

What are publications?

Publications are any printed material (whether copied or run on a printing press) produced for distribution to any audience as a representation of the University (internal or external).

Some examples of publications include posters, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, postcards, fliers, advertisements, etc. If you have a question as to whether a printed piece is an official publication, call 408-4775.

What is the process for creating a publication?

An initial conversation with the Marketing Communications staff will help you set a realistic production schedule based on what you need and will help you clarify things like your goal for the item or the audience you are targeting.

We design your publication. Some of our customers e-mail a file or provide an electronic document that contains the text of their publication, thus allowing the publications staff to create the finished piece. This helps us avoid adding any typographical errors into copy that you have already written, as well as gives our writers a “jumping off point” to write copy for you publication that fits the format of a printed piece.

Our staff designs the piece and works with you to obtain photos (if necessary). Marketing Communications keeps a library of University photos that can be used in your piece. After you have approved the design and layout, our staff delivers it to the University Print Shop or an appropriate vendor for the final steps in the printing process. It is at this point that you will be asked to provide account numbers for us to charge the printing to (if the piece is produced off-site). You receive the printed piece and the bill for the printing.

Get started early!

The key to developing an effective publication in a timely manner is to contact Marketing Communications first...and early!
To help you get started as you think about your publication, the basic steps include:

• Research – Think carefully about the purpose of the piece, your audience, things that you want to highlight in order of priority. There is no guarantee that your reader will read the ENTIRE publication, so really think about what is the highest priority information you want the reader to know.
• Copywriting – Our writers can work with you to create, edit and proofread copy.
• Images – You may have images that you would like to use in your publication, and the designer
will determine if those images are useable for a printed piece. In some cases, we may have photos in our digital library. Depending on budget, a professional photographer may be hired to shoot specifically for your publication.
• Proofreading – As this is your information and your publication, no one knows what it is supposed to say better than you! It is critical that you CAREFULLY read and review ALL information on the proof that we provide (copy, name spellings, phone numbers, addresses, etc.).
• Production - Copy is combined with photographs/graphics, formatted and placed within the publication, maintaining brand consistency. The Marketing Communications department offers professional design and layout services free to university departments. Using this service will often save your staff time and energy. Please allow two (2) weeks for the layout and correction process.
• Printing – After approval of the publication proofs, the piece enters production in finished form. This includes either digital duplicating or printing plus any finishing, folding or binding required. Please try to allow 10 working days for printing, particularly if your piece will be put onto a press rather than digitally duplicated.
• Mailing – If you intend to mail your piece to more than 200 people, you may be able to take advantage of the “bulk rate” offered to non-profit institutions by the U.S. Postal Service.

Marketing Communications is directly responsible for certain university publications, including the recruiting publications used by the Office of Admissions and the University magazine. In these cases, we are responsible for accuracy and content.

For all other publications designed by our staff, the department requesting and paying for the publication has responsibility for thoroughly proofing the piece. You will need to sign off on your publication, indicating that you have checked for accuracy, before it goes to duplicating or to press or is provided to you in PDF format. (An e-mail message stating that the publication is good to go will suffice in many circumstances.) If inaccuracies are discovered after printing, your department will be responsible for the reprinting costs.


Photo needs for publications should be discussed at the initial planning meeting for a particular piece. Photographs for University publications can be arranged through Marketing Communications, although other photos can be considered in cooperation with the publications staff. Certain restrictions apply to using photos supplied by departments or offices.

Photo releases are not always necessary, but releases are recommended in all instances except when a photograph is taken at a public event such as a concert, reception, meeting, etc. Pictures showing readily identifiable children or persons not associated with the university should also be cleared via individual releases, unless the pictures are used for news purposes.

Photo release forms are available through Marketing Communications.


The Wilkes University Print Shop serves the entire campus. Marketing Communications works closely with the Print Shop for some short-run jobs, depending on how the finished product is formatted.

Certain publications must be sent off campus for printing. Whether an off-campus printer is needed for a particular print job is determined and approved by Marketing Communications, based on your budget. Off-campus printers generally require 10–14 working days to complete a job.

University Letterhead and Envelopes
University letterhead and envelopes are produced off campus and follow Wilkes University guidelines for
design and content. Questions about university letterhead and envelopes should be directed to Lisa Reynolds in Marketing Communications (Ext. 4775). Letterhead and envelopes are for employees, departments and offices of Wilkes University only.

Business Cards
Business cards are produced in the University Print Shop. Contact Bridget Ferdinand at 408-4248 for cards.

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