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Mentoring Project Report Grant Form


Wilkes University Mentoring Project Grant Report



Title of Project:

Amount Awarded:

Amount of Award Spent:

Briefly describe the mentoring activity or activities for which you received mentoring
funds and indicate the outputs and whetheror not they were achieved as proposed in your
application. We define outputs as things that can be measured in a quantitative way, such as
number of activity participants, number of presentations made, number of research or
scholarly projects undertaken, numberof field trips, ect...

Briefly discuss your project's outcome. Outcomes are the positive impacts of a successful
project and are the measure of success of a project. We expect that mentoring project
outcomes will relate to learning and skills that result inpositive growth or change. Mentoring
funds provide opportunities to be a mentor and dto be mentored; pleased also briefly discuss
in this section how the outcome of strengthening the Wilkes commitment to mentoring was
demonstrated. Outcomes report is optional for grants of $1000 or less.

Please respond to the following questions about your award

What was the dollar amount of your mentoring award?
Total expenditure for all expenses.
Amount contributed by department.

Amount contributed by other campus organizations

Amount participants personally contributed to expenses.


Confirm with a check mark that you have shared this report with department chair or  supervisor if faculty or staff submission OR with faculty or staff mentor if student submission.






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