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Curriculum Development

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The HHMI fund supports a suite of curricular modifications, novel course  offerings, and new requirements for biology majors that will improve the intellectual development and professional preparedness of Wilkes undergraduates.

These changes are designed to:

  • Strengthen undergraduate development in a way that better focuses student learning for careers in medicine and science
  • Maintain flexibility in course offerings and requirements that minimizes impact to other areas of student development, and, in particular
  • Strengthen the quantitative skills of students in the natural sciences.

Among the several curricular modifications proposed is a new requirement in quantitative biology for students majoring in biology such as: 

  • Advanced bio-statistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Mathematical biology
  • Biological modeling
  • Computational chemistry.

A research-intensive course is being developed that, at the end of the sophomore year that employs an interdisciplinary, investigative, and quantitative approach to a single set of biological problems each time it is offered. The course is team-taught by two or more scientists and is designed to advance student interest and skills in research and better prepare student for future research experiences at Wilkes and beyond.

Other modifications include

  • Revisions to our physics and mathematics offering for majors in the various life sciences
  • A new series of upper-level seminar courses in biology.


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