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Goals for Academic Year 2005-2006...
  1. Quality of Academic Programs
    • Focus on the continuing development of the signature undergraduate experience
    • Begin the two-year process of moving from Writing Intensive to Writing Across the Curriculum model
    • Strengthen FYE and Capstone courses as the opening and closing of a Wilkes undergraduate education
    • Begin core revision

  2. Focus on Post Baccalaureate Education
    • Develop quality non-traditional graduate and post-baccalaureate offerings
    • Develop greater presence in the part-time degree market

  3. Middle State Review in 2010
    • Begin a five-year plan to prepare for the Middle States visit in 2010

  4. Strengthen Instructional Technology

  5. Sustain and Improve Our Academic Assessment

  6. Continue to Improve Communication, Build Trust and Leadership

  7. Reinforce and Develop Systems to Support Faculty Development
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