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Faculty & Staff

Breiseth • 800-WILKES U, x4671 (T) • 570-408-4905 (F) • Email

Dr. Rhonda Waskiewicz
Interim Dean of the School Education
Phone: (570) 408-4332
Email: rhonda.waskiewicz@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Dana Burnside
Assistant Professor
Phone: (570) 408-4917
Email: dana.burnside@wilkes.edu 

*Dr. Lori Cooper
Assistant Professor
Email: lori.cooper@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Kurt Eisele
Assistant Professor
Phone: (570) 408-4058
Email: kurt.eisele@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Mary Kropiewnicki
Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Educational Leadership
Phone: (570) 408-6171
Email: mary.kropiewnicki@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Blake Mackesy
Assistant Professor
Phone: (570) 408-4157
Email: blake.mackesy@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Jin Joy Mao
Associate Professor
Phone: (570) 408-7387
Email: jinjoy.mao@wilkes.edu

*Dr. Karim Medico Letwinsky
Assistant Professor
Phone: (570) 408-5512
Email: karim.letwinsky@wilkes.edu

*Grace Surdovel
Faculty of Practice
Phone: (570) 408-3102
Email: grace.surdovel@wilkes.edu

Program Coordinators

Anne Butler
Program Coordinator for Reading Specialist, Middle Level Education and Early Childhood Literacy 
Phone: (570) 408-6814
Email: anne.butler@wilkes.edu

Dr. James Chiavacci
Program Coordinator for Classroom Technology, Instructional Technology, Instructional Media, and Online Teaching
Phone: (570) 408-4678
Email: james.chiavacci@wilkes.edu

Kali Fedor
Program Coordinator for Educational Development and Strategies, Special Education, and Autism
Phone: (570) 408-7015
Email: kali.fedor@wilkes.edu

* Dr. Mary Kropiewnicki
Chair of Educational Leadership/K-12 Principal's Certification, International School Leadership, and School Business Leadership
Phone: (570) 408-6171
Email: mary.kropiewnicki@wilkes.edu

Dr. Kimberly Niezgoda
Program Coordinator for Teaching English as a Second Language
Phone: (570) 408-4170
Email: kimberly.niezgoda@wilkes.edu

Grace Surdovel
Program Coordinator for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Teacher Leadership and Instructional Coaching, and Art & Science of Teaching
Phone: (570) 408-3102
Email: grace.surdovel@wilkes.edu


Directors of Operations

Karena Brace
Director of Program Operations
Phone: (570) 408-7841
Email: karena.brace@wilkes.edu

Renee Sipple
Director of Student Operations
Phone: (570) 408-4674
Email: renee.sipple@wilkes.edu

* Grace Surdovel
Director of Master Programs
Phone: (570) 408-3102
Email: grace.surdovel@wilkes.edu

Office Staff

Janelle Edwards
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (570) 408-2016
Email: janelle.edwards@wilkes.edu

Pamela Koslosky
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (570) 408-7388
Email: pamela.koslosk@wilkes.edu

Kathy Poplaski
Office Assistant
Phone: (570) 408-4671
Email: kathleen.poplaski@wilkes.edu

Joy Rinehimer
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (570) 408-4670
Email: joy.rinehimer@wilkes.edu

Anne Marie Smith
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (570) 408-4663
Email: annemarie.smith@wilkes.edu

Jean Zampetti
Instructor Contracts / Finance Budgets (Rm 8)
Phone: (570) 408-4673
Email: jean.zampetti@wilkes.edu

Regional Coordinators

Dr. Gary Robinson
Region 6 Coordinator 
Phone: 814-329-6376 or 814-695-6911
Email: gary_robinson@tigerwires.com

*indicates full-time faculty qualified to serve in faculty governance




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