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Wilkes University Anthropology

Wilkes University -  Dr. James Merryman


Dr. James Merryman is a professor of anthropology and sociology at Wilkes University. He was the Director of the International Studies Program for more than a decade.

A Solid Grounding in Anthropology Fundamentals

The anthropology curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of sociocultural anthropology and an opportunity to study cultural diversity. Students may apply anthropology courses towards BA degrees with majors in either International Studies or Sociology. Anthropology courses may also be used to satisfy General Education requirements in the social sciences.

Wilkes University -  Anthropology

Employment in business, government, education and more await anthropology students upon graduation.

Anthropology Concentration

The concentration in Anthropology is available for students in all majors. It consists of 12 hours, including ANT 101, ANT 102, and two upper-level courses in Anthropology.

Anthropology Careers

Graduates with a strong background in anthropology have used this preparation in a variety of ways. Some have found employment in business and government upon graduation. Others have taken advanced degrees in the social sciences and regional development at American and British Universities. Still others have pursued careers in secondary education.

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