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Inside Crime.

What makes a criminal tick? What causes crime? Why are some juveniles delinquent? And how should society counsel, correct, or rehabilitate criminals?

These questions are asked on prime-time television every night of the week. They are also asked -- and answered -- in classrooms in the criminology program at Wilkes.

Criminology -- the study of the causes, effects, and prevention of crime -- prepares you for a variety of careers in the field including:

  • law enforcement
  • probation and parole
  • corrections counseling
  • law school.

This interdisciplinary program includes coursework in sociology, political science, psychology, and economics, making it easy to double major in some of these fields. Criminology is also popularly combined with other programs such as business/accounting, computer science, and the physical sciences in order to enhance employment prospects.

From your first semester, you will begin

training for your career. Coursework for a Criminology major at Wilkes includes classes in Juvenile Delinquency, Family Violence, Deviance & Social Control, Drugs & Alcohol in American Society, Psychopathology, Forensic Psychology, and Criminal Law.

A rigorous three-semester capstone sequence allows students to acquire a variety of research, writing, and statistical skills. Students work with specialized software and numerous data sets on crime and delinquency.

But what criminology students want to do most

is get on the crime scene. That's why we ensure that a variety of internships are available.

Students have recently interned with the Department of the Treasury, Luzerne/Lackawanna County Juvenile Detention, Luzerne County Probation, the Luzerne County Sheriff's Department, the New Jersey State Police, the United States Secret Service, and the US Marshals Office.

Graduates have entered the Secret Service local and state police forces, and graduate school.

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