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Tips for Transfer Students

  • IDs are available at Public Safety (on S. Main St.).  If you have registered, you may obtain yours at any time before January 17, as well as after the start of school.  Remember that you will need your ID to eat in the Dining Hall, access some computer labs, etc.
  • Attend Orientation.
  • Find out the location of your advisor’s office.  You may do that, if you don’t already know it, by clicking on “locator” on the Wilkes Portal.  Enter the name of the advisor and get the room and phone numbers.
    • Check your schedule and know where your first class will be held (it sounds simplistic, but still worth doing).
  • Financial Aid questions and questions regarding your invoice can be answered at the UCOM front desk.  They are open Monday –Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm and will be open on Sunday, January 17, from 12:00pm – 3:00pm.
  • Get your books at Barnes and Noble on S. Main St.  Take your schedule.  Books may be returned only if you have a receipt and have not made any marks in the books
  • If you are a commuter student, and wish to park on campus, go to Public Safety and complete the application.  The rate is $120.00 per semester and applications must be renewed each semester.  Resident Students will complete applications through the Residence Life Office.  Parking places are NOT guaranteed.
  • Students wishing to park at Ralston Field (across the river) and take the shuttle back and forth to campus should go to the Marts Center (gym) on Sunday, January 17, at 3:00 pm to purchase a for permit.  Permits are $40.00 per semester and must be renewed each semester.  Shuttles run every 20 minutes from Ralston Field, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Cars are guarded, and there is shelter and restroom facilities at the shuttle stop.
  • Child Care Centers - Wilkes University subsidizies day care for its students. Click here for more information, or contact Susan Frank at 570-408-4150.
  • Contact information for finding Off Campus Housing

The semester begins:

  • Build in time before your first class in order to find parking (if it applies).
  • Besides the obvious (classes) make time to meet your advisor.  It is best to phone or email to request an appointment.  The earlier you develop a relationship with him/her, the better.  Besides assisting in the registration process later in the semester, your advisor can provide lots of tips and suggestions about the University, in particular, and higher education, in general.
  • Make a stop in Career Services (Conyngham Hall – 2nd floor).  Because you are closer to graduation than other new students, it is best to start planning your job search now.  Working with the staff there will give you with the best opportunities for interviews later on and will help in developing an effective resume.  Waiting until your last semester to do all of those things is never a good idea.  Ask for Mrs. Bosack or Mrs. Mulvey.
  • If necessary, make arrangements for a tutor in the Learning Center (Conyngham Hall, 3rd floor).  If you have documented needs, please speak to one of the counselors in the Learning Center so that they can begin to develop the right approach for you.  In order to receive accommodations, you must have documentation.
  • Take advantage of the advice your mentor has to give.

For additional information on these and other topics, please click here.


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