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The Powers of the Mind.
The study of philosophy, whether you pursue it as a major or only take a few courses of special interest, contributes to the development of the most basic skills and habits of mind.

As a Philosophy major at Wilkes you will achieve
clarity of thought, precision in the analysis of conflicting claims, the power to render sound judgments based upon appreciation of differing perspectives, and the ability to express and defend your own views with force and imagination. With these skills mastered, you will be prepared for a variety of professional careers, including law, medicine, teaching, and the ministry.

A minimum of 120 credits is needed for
the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy, but 55 of those credits are electives, allowing you the freedom to pursue any other subjects that pique your interest. You will be able to add a minor, double major, or both. This flexibility also allows you the chance to design your major, by double majoring in your area of interest, consulting with your advisor, and getting approval from the department chairperson.

Philosophy is a discipline that naturally and easily
combines with other majors to give you the most comprehensive training possible. For example, if you are passionate about working in the medical field, you can combine Philosophy with Biology to increase your chances of being accepted into medical school.

Philosophy courses range from traditional to topical
including courses such as Philosophies of Non-Violence, The Question of Animal Rights, Environmental Ethics, Studies in Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, and Metaphysics. With approval from the department chairperson, you can pursue independent study and research in an area that interests you.

Philosophy majors who excel academically
are eligible for induction into the Phi Sigma Tau national honor society.

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