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Veterans FAQ's

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Veteran’s FAQs

1.      Does Wilkes have a dedicated Veteran’s counselor or office?

a.      Yes. We have a Veteran’s Counselor, Mark Kaster, Lt. Col., USAF, Retd., available to discuss veteran’s benefits or admissions questions. Our Admissions counselors as well as other staff across campus are also available for our veteran students for questions that may arise.

2.      How do I know how much VA funding I will receive?

a.      This is determined by your (or your parent’s) military service and is determined by the Veteran’s Administration. Please click on “attached checklist” on the Veteran’s Services page on our website, http://www.wilkes.edu/pages/600.asp.

3.      Do I have to pay the tuition up front?

a.      No. Benefits as well as other financial aid will be applied against your account and you will only owe the estimated balance up front.

4.      Can I receive other financial aid?

a.      Yes. We encourage all students to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine eligibility. This should be completed as soon as you know you are applying to college in January.

5.      How come it takes so long to get payment from the VA?

a.      The VA regional offices process payments once they receive all certification from the school, however, Wilkes has no control over the timeframe. As a Veteran, you are able to contact the VA to determine if there are any individual circumstances which may be holding up payment.

6.      When do I have to pay my balance?

a.      The balance remaining after estimated aid and veteran’s benefits, are due prior to the start of classes each semester. The actual due date will be on each bill. 

7.      Where do I find resources for health issues?

a.      Veteran students have access to Health Services on campus, located in Passan Hall. For additional assistance, Veteran students may contact the local VA Hospital in Wilkes-Barre.

8.      Where can I get answers to general veteran’s issues or other non-education related issues?

a.       There is a regional Veteran’s center in Scranton available to all Veterans. You may contact them at 570-344-2676, or by email at  gretchen.bentler@va.gov


9.      Are there other campus resources for veteran students?

a.      All campus resources are available to our Veteran Students including University College advising center, Health and Counseling Services, Residence Life, Student Services, etc. Please see www.wilkes.edu for locations and contact information.

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