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Computer Science

BA degree, BS degree, minor
Why major in Computer Science (CS)?

One reason is because you're a person who enjoys a mix of practical and theoretical thinking. On a practical level, your intensive hands-on experience will give you the ability to make computers do what you want them to do. On a higher level, as a computer scientist you will use precision, creativity, and careful reasoning to model and analyze problems and design verifiable solutions.

Computer science is diverse. Many science, engineering, health care, business, and other problems can be solved effectively with computers, but finding solutions requires the combination of computer science expertise and knowledge of a specific subject. This gives computer scientists opportunities to become proficient and specialize in areas such as architecture, software systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, computational science, and software engineering.

What can you do with a Computer Science degree?

CS graduates are employed in a wide range of careers -- software development and testing, analysis, system and network administration, management, and education -- within the computer, telecommunications, education, banking, automotive, financial, commercial, gaming, and even toy industries!  

Our primary goal is to provide our majors and all students of the university with an outstanding educational foundation for productive and creative careers in computer science and related disciplines.

The CS curriculum is broad, rigorous, and designed to help students develop problem-solving skills that can be applied in many disciplines. Our courses provide a solid base of computer software, hardware, and theoretical knowledge and practical experience in software development, computer architecture, and theoretical computer science to equip our students for successful careers in the computer industry or graduate school.

The CS program supports in-depth study of subjects inside and outside the computing field. Technical and free electives give you the opportunity to take advanced courses in areas such as information retrieval, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence. You also have the flexibility to combine a CS major with a minor in mathematics, computer information systems, or computer engineering.

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