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General Registration Information

A course schedule is posted online prior to each semester (Spring, Summer and Fall). Opening dates for registration will be listed here as well as on the schedules that are posted on www.wilkes.edu/GEschedule

Generally, registration opens according to the following timeframes:

  • Spring – opens late October/early November
  • Summer – opens mid-March
  • Fall – opens mid-July

Check www.wilkes.edu/GEschedule for actual opening dates. They will be posted as soon as they are determined before the upcoming semester. Early registrations will not be accepted.

Students can take a course at any site, on or off campus or online. Registrations are accepted on a space available, first-received, first-accepted basis. Many classes fill quickly so we encourage students to register as soon as possible after registration opens.

Textbooks are required for many classes. Please review the ‘Textbook information’ link at left to learn how to purchase texts for any class in which you enroll.

Registration Process

Students may register via the MyWilkes portal (preferred method), by mail or in person beginning on the published opening date. Telephone registrations are not accepted.

  • To register online - you must have your Wilkes email account and password. Web registration is through the portal, “MyWilkes.” After logging in, click on the Student Services tab then click on ‘Register or Add/Drop Classes’ and follow the prompts. For most classes, online registration closes the Friday prior to the start of classes.
  • To register by mail - complete the pdf-formatted registration form in its entirety. Be sure to fill in the tuition costs and choose one of the tuition payment options listed at the bottom of the form.

Review the ‘Tuition/payment Options’ link at left for details on deferment and payment options. Exceptions will not be made because students claim to not know about the policy. It is the student’s responsibility to know the policies and procedures related to payment and refunds.

Bethlehem Area School District teachers only are required to submit a Third Party Billing Permission form for each fiscal year they plan to enroll in classes at Wilkes. This will allow tuition invoices for classes to be sent directly to BASD. Forms should be submitted at the start of each fiscal year (June 1), but may arrive no later than the start of class you expect to have billed to your district (BASD). You only need to submit one per year (summer, fall, spring). If you do not submit the form prior to the start of the semester/class, you may be responsible for paying your own tuition. Wilkes cannot make forms retroactive to previous semesters. The form may be downloaded from the Grad Ed forms link at left.

Note: PLS 3rd Learning course registration and tuition payment is done directly with the PLS 3rd Learning online at www.plsclasses.com or by phone at 1-866-757-2527. Current students are strongly encouraged to know their WIN when they contact PLS 3rd Learning to register. Wilkes students should enroll in PLS 3rd Learning courses listed with a "W" next to them on the PLS 3rd Learning schedule.

Drops, Adds and Confirmations
  • If you want to drop a class you must do so before it begins. You may do this via the MyWilkes portal prior to the start of the semester or you may contact the Graduate Education office at 800-WILKESU ext. 4671 or 4670.
  • If you drop after the class begins, a portion of the tuition will be charged to you even if you do not attend or log in to the class. Please review the Graduate Bulletin for details on the percentages that will be charged.
  • If you want to add a class to your current registration or add your name to the wait list for a full class, you should first do this via the MyWilkes portal. If online registration has closed, contact the Graduate Education office at 800-WILKESU ext. 4671 or 4670.
  • Class confirmations are not sent to students. Students can confirm their registration by logging to the MyWilkes portal and viewing their schedule under the Student Services tab.
  • Students are contacted only if a class is filled, cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, or if there are known changes to the class schedule or location.
  • Course enrollment numbers can be checked from the semester schedule link at right.

Cancellations and Full Classes

A minimum enrollment is required for a course to be offered. Cancellation decisions are made one to two weeks prior to the start of a course. Classes with fewer than seven students enrolled are in jeopardy of cancellation. Students will be contacted if their class is cancelled.

If a course is filled when registration is attempted, students will be placed on a wait list. Contacting instructors directly for permission to enter a full course is not acceptable. In addition, attending class on the first night hoping to be granted permission to enter the class is not advisable and offending students will be asked to leave. If a spot becomes available, the next student on the wait list will be contacted.

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