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Drug Resources by Question / Info Need

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NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not own our electronic resources but only lease them under strict contractual agreements that restrict their use to full-time faculty, staff and students.  Therefore, we cannot give preceptors remote access to them. However, the following online resources provide free access to drug databases that are generally comparable.

Disclaimer:  Some free resources are supported by companies who are marketing their products.  Most make it clear that the medical content is independently generated and that sponsored content is clearly identified; however, users need to vet those resources for potential bias.  It is good practice to consult more than one resource. 

Drug Resources by Question / Info Need

Adverse Effects

  • Drugs.com
  • RxList (search for drug and then click on Side Effects & Drug Interactions at left)

Alternative Medicine and Dietary Supplements

Brand Names and Availability


Drug Identification

Drugs Ingredients

Indications and Dosage


Over the Counter Products

Poisoning and Toxicology

Pregnancy and Lactation


Veterinary Pharmacy

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