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Television Schedule

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Tuesday September 2, 2014    
6:00pm Comedy Tonight    
7:30pm Student Press Freedom  
8:00pm Breweries of Wilkes Barre  
8:30pm Kirby Lec. Martin Eberhard  
    Classic Arts Showcase
Wednesday September 3, 2014    
6:00pm Put On a happy Face    
7:12pm Showbiz Kids    
7:30pm Students In Media     
8:00pm Lincolns of Springfield  
9:00pm Rosenn Lecture Quinn & Dau  
    Classical Arts Showcase
Thursday September 4, 2014    
6:00pm Magic To Do    
7:00pm The Pharmacists    
7:30pm This Land Is Your land Spring   
8:00pm Iron Horses    
8:30pm Rosenn Lecture Richard Leakey  
    Classical Arts Showcase
Friday September 5, 2014    
6:00pm Eat Your Heart Out Spring   
8:00pm An American In Normandy  
9:00pm Flyboys       
    Classical Arts Showcase
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