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Mechanical Design and Testing

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Our Mechanical Design Laboratory provides an advanced, open-ended learning environment. Hands-on experimentation applies theory, gained through Mechanical Engineering courses such as Strength of Materials, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, toward testing and validating engineering principles. Lab research focuses on analyzing stresses, strains, shearing and bending forces. Knowledge gained is applicable to the design of common tools such as pliers, to steel bridge beams and aluminum airplane fuselages.

Tests and Instrumentation:

  • Instron 5882 Tensile Testing Machine provides comprehensive material testing for the investigation of material behavior by analyzing three-point bending and fatigue, allowing students to develop stress-strain curves for metals and plastics.
  • Rockwell and Micro Tukon Hardness Testers gage material hardness after samples are heated, providing students with a better understanding of material property changes.
  • Single and Rosette Strain Gages analyze the principal orientations of theoretically defined stresses, as compared to measurable strains. Experimentation focuses on stresses and discontinuities in beams under flexural conditions.
  • Instron R.R. Moore’s Fatigue Testing Machine offers an effective experimental method for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of cyclic load as opposed to static loading. Students determine S-N curves, fatigue strength and endurance limits.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing includes the testing of billboard models under wind loads to experimentally determine induced stresses and deflections as opposed to theoretically calculating values.
  • Gear Box Experiments enable students to develop gear boxes to input a design power and calculate output power.
  • Benz Impact Fracture Testing teaches students the characteristics of impact fractures by measuring impact energy or notch toughness using two standardized tests -- Charpy and Izod.

Lab Manager

Dr. Jamal A Ghorieshi, professor of Mechanical Engineering, is the Director of the Mechanical Design and Testing Lab. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Applied Mechanics from SUNY/Buffalo. He also holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the same school. He joined Wilkes in 1984 and was promoted to professor in 2006, Professor Division of Engineering and Physics. He has published numerous, important papers, including, “Heat Dissipation at a Polymer-Metal Interface,” Ghorieshi, J.A., Proceedings of the 62nd STLE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, May 6-10, 2007, “Transient Thermal Investigation of Dry Sliding Friction at a Polymer-Metal Interface”, Ghorieshi, J. A., and Price, H. L. Proceedings of the IJTC2006 STLE/ASME International Joint Tribology Conference, San Antonio, TX, paper number IJTC2006-12334, October 22- 25, 2006.

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