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Course Sequence (Recommended)

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The following course sequence is recommended for students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Sports & Event Management.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

BA 151 Integrated Management Experience I
CS 115 Survey of Computers
HST 101 Intro. Of the Modern World
ENG 101 Composition
FYE 101 First-Year Foundations

PPD 101 Personal
and Professional Development I

BA 152 Integrated Management Experience II
COM 101 Public Speaking
MTH 101 or Higher level Mathematics
Arts Distribution Requirement
Humanities Distribution Requirement

3rd Semester

4th Semester

ACC 161 Financial Acct and Decision Making
EC 101 Economics I
MGT 351 Management of Organizations and People
Humanities Distribution Requirement
Science Distribution Requirement

PPD 201 Personal
and Professional Development III

ACC 162 Managerial Acct and Decision Making
EC 102 Economics II
SEM 201 Sport & Event Administration
SEM 325 Sport & Event Marketing
BA 257 Mgmt Information Systems
MGT 309 Business Correspondence and Reports

5th Semester

6th Semester

SEM 355 Facility & Event Mgt
BA 353 Human Resource Management
BA 319 Business Statistics
BA 335 Law & Business
FIN 340 Introduction to Finance

PPD 301 Personal
and Professional Development V

Major Elective
BA 337 Legal Aspects of Sport/Event Mgt
MGT 354 Organizational Behavior
SEM 365 Wilkes’ Prof Experience or Free Elective
MGT 352 Production & Operations Management
Science Distribution Requirement

7th Semester

8th Semester

Major Elective
MGT 358 International Business
Social Science Distribution Requirement
SEM 365 Wilkes’ Prof. Experience or Free Elective

PPD 401 Personal
and Professional Development VII

LDR 202 Advanced Leadership Theory & Practice
BA 366 Internship
Free Elective
BA 361 Capstone


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