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Teaching Mentors

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Pharmacy Resident TLC Teaching Mentors Pharmacy Residency - Wilkes University

  • The goal of the Teaching Mentor component of the TLC is to provide the resident with direct access to a faculty member and expert in pharmacy education. Mentors have many functions but, in the most global sense, monitor resident progress in the program, provide feedback, are listeners and assist in career development.
  • Each resident will be paired with a FACULTY MENTOR. Residents will be provided a list of potential mentors, and residents will also prepare a short bio and response to questions that will assist in matching resdients with mentors. 
  • Specifically, the mentor will
    • Monitor progress of the resident in the TLC program.
    • Provide direct mentoring during creation of the classroom lecture material.
    • Make classroom observations and provide feedback.
    • Provide personal and professional mentoring.

2013-2014 Teaching Mentors

  • KarenBeth Bohan, Pharm.D.
    Associate Professor (Medicine, Infectious Disease)
  • Kimberly Ference, Pharm.D.
    Assistant Professor (Ambulatory Care)
  • Edward Foote, Pharm.D.
    Professor and Chair (Renal, Pharmacokinetics)
  • Dana Manning, Pharm.D., RD
    Assistant Professor (Medicine, Nutrition)
  • Kimberly Metka-Welch, Pharm.D.
    Assistant Professor (Medicine, Palliative Care, Infectious)
  • Dominick Trombetta, Pharm.D.
    Associate Professor (Medicine, Geriatrics, CNS/Psych)
  • Adam Welch, Pharm.D., MBA.
    Interim Assistant Dean and Associate Professor (Community Practice)
  • Eric Wright, Pharm.D.
    Associate Professor (Pharmacoepidemiology, Outcomes and Health Services Research)
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