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EDIM 510 Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments
Required Book:
Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World
Author: Berger & Trexler
ISBN-10: 1591587069
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Copyright: 2010

EDIM 511 Portable Video Production and Application
Required Book:
Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know
Author: Vineyard, & Cruz (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 1932907424
Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services
Copyright: 2008

EDIM 513 Inquiry Based Learning
No textbook required.

EDIM 514 Internet Tools for Teaching
Required Book:
Untangling the Web Interactive eBook
Author: Dembo & Bellow
ISBN# 978-1452274331
Publisher: Corwin
Copyright: 2013
Students may purchase the print, electronic version or bundle pack:

EDIM 515 BYOD: Mobile Learning in Education
Students enrolled in EDIM 515 must have a Smartphone.

Required Book: Cell phones in the classroom: A practical guide for Educators
Author: Kolb
ISBN# 978-1564842992
Publisher: International Society for Technology in Education
Copyright: 2011

Required Book: Mobile Learning Devices (Essentials for Principals)
Author: Rogers
ISBN# 978-1935542698
Publisher: Solution Tree
Copyright: 2011 

EDIM 516 Sustaining Digital Literacy
Required Book:
What School Leaders Need to Know about Digital Technologies and Social Media
Author: Lehmann & McLeod
ISBN# 978-1118022245
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Copyright: 2011

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