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Founders Gala

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Inaugural Founders Gala   |    DATE: Saturday, June 7, 2014          
TIME: 6:00 cocktails, 7:00 dinner    |   
LOCATION:   Westmoreland Club, Wilkes-Barre, PA
ATTIRE: Black Tie


“This new annual event will celebrate Wilkes’ rich heritage, will allow us to raise money for the First Generation Fund, and will allow us to recognize deserving individuals with the President’s Medal. Wilkes has made a commitment since its beginning to support students who are the first in their family to pursue a college degree. This event will help us continue to serve this crucial component of our mission, our future, and serve as a celebration of our community and our past.”
~ Dr. Patrick F. Leahy
    Wilkes University President

Join Wilkes University and President Patrick Leahy as we celebrate our heritage of educating first-generation college students with a new tradition: the Founders Gala. Proceeds from this annual event will support the new First Generation Fund, established to provide additional scholarship funding to make a Wilkes education attainable for first-generation students.

The founders of Bucknell University Junior College recognized that helping young people attend college benefitted the individual even as it strengthened the region, and they wove that into the fabric of the institution that eventually became Wilkes University. Even after all these years, over half of our incoming freshmen still identify themselves as the first generation of their family to attend a four-year institution of higher learning. Wilkes University continues to play a vital role in opening opportunities that lead to success.

At the Founders Gala, we will award the President’s Medal to acknowledge someone who has helped enhance the student experience and advance the mission of the University.

Read about Courtney Moyer’s personal experience as first-generation college student:

Moyer"As the youngest of three children, I was the first in my family to break the mold and graduate from high school - not to mention go on to attend college. This was not an easy feat for me to accomplish. During my senior year of high school, I was working two jobs (45 hours a week) while juggling school and honors courses. Not only did I graduate from high school but I did so with honors.

To say that my family and I struggle financially would be an understatement. Despite all of us working, it’s still not enough. Had it not been for the generous scholarship and grants that I was offered through Wilkes University, college would not have happened for me. Wilkes was the only school that I applied to that I could actually afford to attend. I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to further my education at a highly esteemed, private American University. The financial aid assistance that I am receiving here is crucial to me staying. My goal is to attend law school and my backup plan would be to become an investigative journalist."

~ Courtney Moyer
Class of 2017

 Photography & Video of the 2014 Founders Gala



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