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Programs & Awards

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Veterans Assistance Programs

Veterans Assistance Programs (VA) provide a wide range of benefits to those who have served their country in the Armed Forces and, in some cases, to the dependent children of a veteran. Interested persons should contact their local VA Office to obtain information concerning GI Education Assistance, Veterans Education Programs, Veteran Rehabilitation, Veteran Educational Loans, the Veterans Work-Study Program, and other sources of Veterans Assistance.

Read more information on the GI Bill website.

Other-State Financial Aid Programs

Many other states provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships or grants for a resident of the state. Residents of states other than Pennsylvania should contact their high school guidance office for information pertaining to a particular state's aid programs.

Students who reside in states that allow their funds to be used in Pennsylvania are required to apply through the appropriate state agency. These states include Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Other Non-Institutional Awards

There are literally hundreds of sponsors across the country, each of whom offers scholarships, grants, and/or loans to students pursuing a higher education. In some instances, these funds are unused simply because students are not aware of their existence and availability. While it is not possible to list them here, reference publications are available in college and high school libraries and on the Internet that identify these programs and give application instructions and procedures.

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