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Undergraduate Experience

Wilkes  was awarded a $1.7 million Title III grant...
in 2004 that is supporting the development of a strengthened undergraduate experience. The funds target advising, supplemental instruction, electronic portfolio implementation, and faculty/staff development. A portion of the grant will be combined with dollars raised by Wilkes to establish an endowment that will continue to provide support after the grant ends.
Ribbon graphic that outlines the Undergraduate Experience at Wilkes University.

The undergraduate experience at Wilkes University will be nationally recognized as a signature undergraduate program. The Wilkes undergraduate experience will be a guided interconnected journey that personalizes each student's engagement with learning based on individual strengths, aptitudes, learning styles and career goals. Wilkes graduates will be life-long learners who make a positive difference in their local and world communities.

The Undergraduate Student will...
  1. Develop written, oral and technological communication skills.
  2. Develop a commitment to and a capacity for life-long learning.
  3. Explore leadership potential in preparation for life-long professional and civic responsibility.
  4. Explore, develop, and connect intellectual, social, emotional, cultural and ethical values in relation to professional and personal excellence.
  5. Develop understanding and respect for diversity and world cultures.
  6. Develop skills in critical, analytical and creative thinking.

This will be accomplished by providing...
  1. Personalized, excellent advising structure
  2. Guided engagement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activity linked to academic challenges
  3. A state-of-the-art freshman experience
  4. A continuous, seamless partnership between academic programs and academic support operations
  5. Self reflective, cumulative capstone courses
  6. High academic standards
  7. Experiential and team-based learning
  8. Opportunities for service learning, community service & internships
  9. An integrated core
  10. Individual and group problem-solving experience
  11. Focus on multiculturalism and study abroad opportunity
  12. Support of writing across the curriculum
  13. Exposure to technologies in teaching, learning and student competencies
  14. Learning communities
  15. Support to transform student dreams into realities
  16. Expectation of high standards
  17. Faculty development and support
  18. Assessment of learning outcomes

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