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For our juniors, autumn at Upward Bound means "research writing!"

During the first half of this course you will write an original research document while using, learning, and practicing the MLA style of writing.

The second part of the course will concentrate on introducing you to different forms of writing that will become more useful during your last year of high school. Some writings you might work on during the fall include a cover/introductory letter or personal essay.

Why all these different kinds of writing?
When you begin to apply to colleges in the fall, to be able to show college interviewers or admissions staff samples of your work is a great way to make a lasting and intelligent impression. Also, to be familiar with these different types of "practical" writings is a chance to get ahead when it comes time to apply.

In the spring semester, Upward Bound junior students are enrolled in a junior seminar class.  One assignment in this class is to write at least one college essay.  These essays are written to give the students a jump start when they are filling out their college applications. 


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