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Study Abroad

Dr. Paola Bianco • 570-408-4519 (T) • 570-408-7829 (F) • Email

Studying in a foreign country is an exciting cultural and academic opportunity

for students in all fields. A student may enter a program for a summer, a semester or a complete academic year and earn from three to 15 credits to fulfill general, foreign language, elective, or major/minor requirements. You may be surprised to know that overseas universities offer some courses in English, especially the universities in English-speaking countries.


While abroad, students are still enrolled at Wilkes University, which means they can apply for financial aid. Study Abroad expenses and fees are comparable to those of Wilkes.

Transfer Credits

Most study abroad credits can be applied to your degree program at Wilkes. Speak to Dr. Bianco, the director of the Study Abroad program, and your advisor for more details.

One of the best things about a study abroad program

is the experience of being in a different environment with a whole new culture full of music, sports, foods, dances, lifestyles, national idiosyncrasies, and traditions. Students can also learn how Americans and the United States are perceived in the countries where they study.

Experiencing life overseas brings a wealth of knowledge that cannot be learned through books or lectures. Believe it or not, students will even learn how to communicate -- for survival -- even if they do not study the language!

Many students choose to extend their foreign stays to backpack and/or travel by train, bus, or rental car. The Study Abroad program presents a great exploration opportunity that can lead to the adventure of your life. 

Programs available in
Spain, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and other Spanish speaking countries.

Long-term gains

In our tightly connected lives it is essential to develop a global vision to gain an understanding of our world and its societies. Students who study in foreign countries acquire an intercultural conscience. This awareness can lead to an appreciation of diversity, ethnicity, and multiculturalism. The adventure provides a well-rounded perspective that is needed to function effectively in a global context.

For further information, contact Dr. Paola Bianco, 570 408-4519, or 800-WILKES-U, x4519. 

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