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Pre-Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapists work with people who
encounter difficulties with tasks of living that result from developmental deficits, the aging process, physical illness or injury, economic stress, cultural differences, or psychological problems that present barriers for an individual to function in life.

The occupational therapist bases service on
a rapidly growing field of knowledge to enhance the individual’s abilities to function and prevent areas of dysfunction. The therapist uses selected, goal-directed activities to encourage learning, re-education, growth and strength, and to promote general health.

Occupational therapists work with with other health professionals to provide services in a number of different settings -- ranging from hospitals and clinics to schools -- to reach a wide population of all ages.

In addition to completing an academic major
each student must also complete the Wilkes University Pre-Occupational Therapy Core. The Pre-Occupational Therapy Core provides a base from which students can structure their classes.

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Core includes a sequence of courses identified by the American Association of Occupational Therapy Schools as common prerequisites at most occupational therapy schools. It must be emphasized that there are no universal prerequisite courses for all existing occupational therapy programs.

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