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Faculty and Staff


Office: Stark Learning Center

Room: 319a

Phone: 5704084274

Email: arthur.kibbe@wilkes.edu

Dr. Arthur H Kibbe


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Kibbe has a PhD in pharmacokinetics...
and biopharmaceutics and a score of years working directly or indirectly with the pharmaceutical industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), professional and trade associations, and academia.

He spoke on behalf of the profession of pharmacy...
before Congress and the regulatory agencies. He also chaired the Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and trained professional pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists at the University of Mississippi.

Dr. Kibbe is an expert in pharmaceutical excipients and was the editor-in-chief of the internationally recognized reference text Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients, 3rd Edition.

He investigated the operations of the FDA...
on behalf of the commissioner, is currently the chair of the Governor's Renal Disease Advisory Committee, and is active as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry.

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