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Terrestrial Vertebrates of Pennsylvania

The 400-page book, Terrestrial Vertebrates of Pennsylvania: A Complete Guide to Species of Conservation Concern, is a comprehensive account of animals threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal harvesting, pollution, and new and emerging threats from white-nose syndrome, invasive species, and wind and gas energy exploitation. The book – the first comprehensive examination of Pennsylvania’s land animals in 25 years --reveals that 133 species merit conservation concern.  
To learn more about the book from its lead editor, Wilkes University’s noted biology Professor Michael Steele, click on the links to these videos in which he discusses highlights from the book.

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What is the book about and what does it cover?

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What are the most endangered species in Pennsylvania?

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Is there any species at-risk because it is hunted or captured?

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What factors have led to these species becoming endangered?

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What can people do to protect these species?

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