Wilkes University

Bedford Hall

Bedford HallBedford Hall was renovated during Fall 2012 and is the new home of the Art Department.

Bedford Hall went through changes in 2006. Our University Service Center, which is in charge of security and maintenance issues on our campus, left the building for its new space on South Main Street.

Our Open Access Center -- a computer lab open to faculty, staff and students -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also moved to the new facility.

In 2006 a striking change to the exterior of the building occurred with the renovation of the carriage house, which had lent wheelchairs internationally since the 1960s. The carriage house was made into a great ceramics studio, complete with kiln. The wheelchairs were relocated to our new South Main Street service center.

If you were at Wilkes in 1967, Bedford was the "new building on campus. The former residence of Attorney and Mrs. Paul Bedford was given to Wilkes in November 1967, after the death of Attorney Bedford, who had attended Harry Hillman Academy, graduated from Princeton University, and received a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1930, he became a member of the Board of Trustees at Princeton University.

The brick building was designed in High Victorian Gothic style and built in 1878, by Bruce Price. It is said to be the earliest of his houses still in existence. Renovations were made in 1923 by the firm of Innes and Levy.