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Chase Hall

Chase Hall is one of the first places prospective students visit on our campus.

Admissions counselors help with the application process to make surChase Halle everything goes smoothly.

Campus tours and visits are available through the Admissions office to help get familiar with the campus and student life. Schedule one today and see for yourself how much Wilkes can do for you. Applying to Wilkes is easy. You can start by filling out an online application.

If you were at Wilkes in 1937 you might remember the addition of Chase Hall to our campus. Chase Hall was donated by Admiral Harold Stark as a memorial to Mrs. Frederick Chase, Stark's sister, and her husband. Before becoming our admissions office, Chase Hall was home to the cafeteria, and the language and educational departments.

Included on the property was a garage, which was used by Wilkes as a theatre -- the Chase Theater. Until 1965, numerous one-act plays were presented in the 90-seat theater. The building was demolished in 1975, upon completion of the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center for the Performing Arts.

Chase Hall (and its garage) was built from 1917-1918, for Frederick Chase, who was president and manager of the Lehigh Valley Coal Company. The building is a two-and-one-half story Tudor Revival stuccoed brick house. It has a gable roof with cross gables, segmented arch windows, and double-hung windows.