Wilkes University

Conyngham Hall

All about Students!

As its name implies, the Conyngham Hall is a hub for student affairs -- academic and non-academic alike.

Conyngham HallA cozy, relaxing area on the lower level gives commuters a place to visit for peace and quiet -- or fun with friends. It's a home away from home for those who don't live on campus!

Other offices provide tutoring and other academic-support services for Wilkes and high school students. The Beacon student newspaper is located on the first floor.

If you were at Wilkes in the 1970s you might have witnessed the devastation caused to Conyngham. The first floor was severely damaged after four and a half feet of flood waters tore through the building in 1972. Only a few months later, fire added damage to several walls. More than $350,000 was spent to reconstruct the building to make it accommodate in 1979.

The Chateauesque-style structure was designed in 1897, by original owner William Hillard Conyngham's friend, Charles Gifford.

William and his first wife lived in the home for only a few years before her death. The house was then left vacant until 1918, when Mr. Conyngham and his new wife, Mrs. Jessie Guthrie Conyngham, and their three sons called it home. When Jessie passed away in 1974, Conyngham was left to Wilkes.