Wilkes University

O'Hop Hall

One of the more recent additions to campus...

is Paul A. O'Hop Hall, which is used for various administrative and housing purposes. This brick structure might not be as opulent as some of its mansion cousins, but it has lovely details like a living-room fireplace and a built-in sideboard with leaded glass in the dining room.

If you were on campus in 2003...

you might have seen the dedication of 263 South River Street. The building was named in recognition of Paul A. O'Hop's long-time dedication to serving Wilkes University. O'Hop was the Vice-President of Business Affairs and Auxiliary Enterprises.

During his administrative tenure, more than twenty campus buildings were purchased, constructed or renovated. The development of the Fenner Quadrangle (more commonly referred to as The Greenway) also contributed to his vision of creating a traditional college campus within our urban setting.