Wilkes University

Residence Halls

Residence Halls

What is it like to live at Wilkes? Varied!

The Wilkes campus is located in the historic district of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. That means hall dwellers are just as likely to live in a building with contemporary styling as they are to live in the ornate grandeur of one of our renovated mansions. Buildings are open to students of all class years – first year through seniors. 

Student in dormWhat unique housing options are available? 

Mansion Style Housing, Traditional Style Housing, Suite Style Housing, and Apartment Style Housing. 

  • Mansion Style Housing: Ever think you would be able to say you lived in a mansion? Here's your chance! These buildings offer common areas, one common kitchen, and bathrooms throughout the hall.  All the rooms are different- some even offer fire places, stained glass, and built in closets! Examples: Catlin Hall, Doane Hall, Pearsall Hall, Ross Hall, Schiowitz Hall, Sterling Hall, Waller North & South Halls and Weiss Hall.
  • Traditional Style Housing: These buildings are renovated mansions.  The rooms of each floor are similar, there is a common area, one kitchen, and communal bathrooms.  Examples: Fortinsky Hall, Roth Hall, Slocum Hall, Sturdevant Hall, and Sullivan Hall
  • Suite Style Housing:  All rooms are the same size and shape. There is a common area, one kitchen, and two rooms share a bathroom. Example: Evans Hall.
  • Apartment Style Housing: All rooms have a full kitchen, private bathroom, and common area. Examples: 40 West, University Towers, and Rifkin HallApartment buildings are reserved for upperclassmen. 

Students playing pool.What else is available – besides a room?

  • All houses have lounge areas (some are truly exquisite), which offer lots of seating space and television with cable service. A few lounges even boast pool tables and pianos!
  • Kitchen and laundry facilities are also available. No need for students to save quarters or to drag home laundry -- washers and dryers are free to use!
  • All buildings are equipped with Wi-Fi service. Rooms also come with basic cable, an Ethernet jack for Internet access, and a phone line for local service.
  • Rooms are furnished with one bed, dresser, desk, chair, and wardrobe (or closet space) per student. Apartment residents are welcome to bring additional living room and dining furniture, but it's always a good idea to coordinate with roommates before loading up the moving truck!

What about safety?

  • Residence halls are locked 24/7. All halls also have security screens. The fire alarm systems are hard wired so no one has to remember to replace batteries; they are always operational.
  • Each building is staffed with at least one trained Resident Assistant (RA).

Now that you have an overview, wander through campus by using the links on the right side of this page. We think you'll see why we like to call this place home.