Wilkes University

Sites & Structures

The Greenway is one of the best spots on campus.

It's a great place to relax on a bench, chat between classes, play a game of football...

The idea of a Greenway was created in the summer of 1993, as part of a four-year plan that included the construction of Breiseth Hall (formerly COB) and the creation of a recreation area between Breiseth Hall and Stark Learning Center.

Formally, this area is the George Fenner Quadrangle in honor of Wilkes' longtime neighbor George Fenner, however, most people at Wilkes refer to the area as simply, The Greenway. Mr. Fenner's former home is named Fenner Hall in his honor.

The 61-foot-high
Charles N. Burns Alumni Tower & Carillon overlooks the campus Greenway and keep us on time for classes (usually!).

It was dedicated during Homecoming Weekend 1987, and has become a focal point for Wilkes on the block between South and Northampton Streets.

As impressive as the tower itself is the wisteria vine that winds around an arbor anchored to its base. Make sure you visit in late spring to see it in full bloom.

An eight-foot-high statue of John Wilkes is located
at the south end of The Greenway, in front of the entrance to the Farley Library.
The statue is cast in bronze from the same mold as the original in England from which it was modeled.

Mr. Wilkes' likeness was unveiled during Summer Commencement, August 1995.

Learn about John Wilkes in our University History area.

To help you get your bearings
the Class of 1999 presented Wilkes with a campus map, which is located behind the Henry Student Center. It's a perfect place to start your campus tour.

A brick path that leads to the map is engraved with names of members of the Class of 1998, who made donations toward the project.

The Peace Pole, which is located
in The Greenway near the Farley Library, is part of an approximately 200,000-pole project that originated in Japan.

Each pole is decorated with the inscription
"May peace prevail on Earth" in at least four languages. The Wilkes pole is inscribed in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Polish.

Wilkes' Peace Pole was originally dedicated in the early 1990s, but was relocated and rededicated on September 11, 2003. As part of that rededication, a poem written by Associate Professor Emeritus Alfred Groh was mounted on a bronze plaque next to the pole.

More information is available in a feature story from The Beacon. You can also learn about Campus Interfaith, an organization that led this project.

Our president's house
is a brick Georgian that was built in the mid 1920s. Visit the President's House page to learn more about this stately structure.