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Meet the Colonel

The Colonel Hands Out Acceptance Letters to Unexpecting Students

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A New Tradition Begins. 
If you are an anxious high school senior, sitting at home waiting for the mail carrier to deliver your acceptance letter to Wilkes University, don't be surprised if you see another person in a blue uniform carrying that coveted white envelope. Holy Redeemer senior, Matt, found out the good news that he was accepted to Wilkes when the new Wilkes mascot, the Colonel, greeted him as he walked out of class. 

The Colonel has been the symbol of Wilkes University since 1947 but, until now, there has never been an official mascot. The mascot embodies the Wilkes “Be Colonel” mentality, inspiring a spirit of leadership while emphasizing camaraderie.
“The Colonel symbolizes the Wilkes spirit of what it means to ‘Be Colonel’ and brings a new level of school pride and sense of tradition to the University,” said Paul Adams, Vice President of Student Affairs at Wilkes. “Our mascot will be more than just a cheerleader at athletic events, providing another outlet to promote our philosophy of personal attention both on campus and in the community.”
Where it began...
It was a beautiful, warm, Thursday afternoon in September.
The University was filled with spirit, excitement, music, food, and hundreds of students as the school unveiled its new Colonel mascot to the campus community.
The unveiling took place during Club Day. The Colonel was introduced by WNEP-TV news personality and reporter Sherman Burdette and Wilkes alumna Jenna Strzelecki. 
Tux, the mascot of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins hockey team, welcomed the Wilkes Colonel into the “mascot family” by carrying the Wilkes flag before the Colonel’s introduction. Then, before the cheering crowd, the spirit of Wilkes appeared, the Colonel.
So, if you have recently applied to Wilkes University, your acceptance may be right around the corner. You're ready. Be Colonel.