Wilkes University

The Faculty Forum

Hosted by the Provost, the Faculty Forums at Wilkes University provide an informal means for faculty to learn more about research interests of their colleagues. Each Forum spotlights two faculty members who provide brief overviews of their research interests and take questions from the audience. Participants also enjoy a selection of light refreshments. 

2012-2013 Presenters
  • Scott Bolesta, Pharmacy Practice: Cardiac Surgery Research in a Small Community Hospital: The Beat Goes On

  • Linda Gutierrez, Biology: Thrombospondin Type 1 Repeats in a Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Jane Elmes-Crahall, Communication Studies, A Woman Who Would Lead: Belva Lockwood's 1884 Presidential Campaign
  • Ge (Grace) Xiao, Business, Social Network Adoption: Does Culture Matter?
  • James Merryman, Anthropology, Assessing Clean Water and Sanitation Projects in Central Uganda:
You Can't Have One without the Other
  • Edward Schicatano, Psychology, The Physiological, Pharmacological, and Neurocognitive Modulation of Pain
  • Del Lucent, Physics, Folding Proteins and Designing Enzymes with Computers All Around the World
  • Andrew Miller, Political Science, The Effects of Ecotourism Certification on Tourist Choices in Costa Rica
  • Robert Bohlander, Psychology, Neurofeedback: Of Cats, Rocket Fuel, and Kids with Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Donald Mencer, Chemistry, Probing Dynamic Systems — Roaming Through Kinetic and Equilibrium Chemical Dimensions (NMR as a Useful Tool)
  • Joy Mao, Education: Technology Affordances and Social Media for Learning in K-12 Education
  • Andrew Wilczak, Sociology: The Walk of Shame: Drinking, Sex, and Depression Across the Life Course


Photos from the Forums: