Wilkes University

Parking Privileges

Parking your vehicle on campus is a privilege.

Qualified students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to apply for access to University parking areas for a nominal fee. All parking is by permit only, “at your own risk” and issued upon availability.

Parking Permit Applications

Resident and Commuter Students

Fill out application for each semester. Applications are to be turned into the University Service Center by the due date listed on the application.

Residence Life or Commuter Council reviews all student applications and will send notification to those who are approved for on-campus parking.  Campus Support Services will issue the permit at the beginning of each semester.

Faculty and Staff:

Fill out application. Submit to Campus Support Services, which will issue the permit.

To preserve the integrity of the program, it is necessary for all permit holders to abide by the guidelines. Please refer to the Student Handbook for full details on handicapped parking, hours, ticketing and towing, fees, traffic council and off-campus parking.

Parking is not allowed in Restricted Areas at any time. Vehicles will be towed immediately if parked in any of the following locations:

  • Driveways,
  • Sidewalks,
  • Loading and No-Parking Zones,
  • Fire Lanes, Grass and Greenway Areas,
  • Handicapped Areas without Handicapped Permit or Handicapped License Plate.
Anyone planning to visit the University

should contact the Department of Public Safety at 570-408-4999 or via Email prior to arriving on campus to register for temporary parking.

Any department sponsoring an on-campus event

that requires parking should contact the Department of Public Safety at x4999 or via Email at least one week prior to the event.