Wilkes University

A Majority of One

Have you seen Wilkes in the news lately?

It’s been kind of hard to miss.

The University’s innovative marketing campaign that reaches out to individual high school students sparked the attention of national media and spread like wildfire. It started with a Philadelphia Inquirer article in April, then got the notice of Philadelphia radio WPHT talk show host Dom Giordano, as well as National Public Radio and the Associated Press. Once the AP offered its article out to members, word about Wilkes crossed the country in small newspaper and large, from the Kansas City Star, St. Petersburg Times

Wilkes University and mentoring:

Wilkes is about one-to-one relationships where the difference between doing something ordinary or extraordinary can come down to a simple cup of coffee.

Mentoring is not just branding or advertising. It is the sum total of the Wilkes experience.

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Campaign Goal:

Raise awareness of Wilkes University over the long term as a university dedicated to academic excellence through mentoring

View some of the advertisements that has everyone talking:

  • TV Spots - MTV and VH1
  • 14 Billboards
  • 119 Mall Signs (kiosks/table tents)
  • 3 Movie theatres
  • 6 MySpace Ads
  • 1 Dasher board

All artwork was provided by 160/90, located in Philadelphia, PA.

National attention from the campaign:

Wilkes University received national attention for this marketing campaign, including stories in the NY Times, Philadelphia Metro and The Chronicle of Higher Education and other notable publications.