Wilkes University

Advertising Campaigns

Army of Colonels

The 2011-2012 advertising campaign emphasizes significant research and major accomplishments at Wilkes that are helping develop northeastern Pennsylvania. All achieved by a group of dedicated individuals collectively referred to as an “Army of Colonels.”

In addition to calling out the various accomplishments, the campaign also highlights the proximity to Wilkes’ campus to support the regional connection of the campaign.
Campaign details 

A Majority of One

The University’s innovative marketing campaign that reaches out to individual high school students sparked the attention of national media and spread like wildfire. It started with a Philadelphia Inquirer article in April, then got the notice of Philadelphia radio WPHT talk show host Dom Giordano, as well as National Public Radio and the Associated Press. Once the AP offered its article out to members, word about Wilkes crossed the country in small newspaper and large, from the Kansas City Star, St. Petersburg Times to The USA Today. Campaign details